Down by the Sea Photographs -
                   Marian States, Photographer                        
                                   Down by the Sea Photographs
                                                 Galveston, TX

Being a Freelance Photographer, Street Photographer & Wildlife Photographer on an island & tourist destination, on the Gulf of Mexico is easy!  My interest in photography started as a young adult & after growing up with five sisters and no family photos.  My interest became stronger and the gift I had been given became keener.

I started Down by the Sea Photographs eight years ago after moving to the home I call my island paradise.  I knew then this is where & what I was supposed to do.  Share the passion of my style of photography with the world!  Yes I dream BIG.  One image at a time.  From my eyes to yours.  My photography has been described as gorgeous, stunning, fun, edgy, raw, classy, colorful, to name a few.

I love what I do & I think it shows in the uniqueness of my images.  As technology is rapidly changing and the learning never ends, I am constantly adding a twist of creativity in each & every image I catch.  Moments in time frozen.  Images of people, places & things saved due to my gift of the fascination with life & the human and animal elements of this world.  I do this as I search for meaning in this beautiful world that surrounds me.  Smile .... I may be the one behind that camera!